Manage rewards and payouts at scale


Organizations use the Tremendous to send rewards, incentives, and payouts globally. Our API puts 800+ payout methods at your fingertips, including ACH transfers, gift cards, Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards, PayPal / Venmo transfers, and charity donations.

If you’re thinking of implementing monetary payouts or gift cards into your app or business workflows, Tremendous will have you up and running in hours, not months.

Resources for building


Our sandbox environment is open and free to build on right away. Make your first API call in 5 minutes:

Quickstart guide »

Our docs are library agnostic and use HTTP primitives, but there are also client libraries available to simplify the integration process. See libraries for Ruby, Python, Node.

Fill out our production access form to go live.

Why integrate with us


Built by developers, for developers. We focus on ease-of-integration, performance, and security so you can integrate quickly and smoothly.

Trusted as infrastructure. Google, Facebook, and Stripe all rely Tremendous. We take reliability seriously.

World-class support. You’ll usually hear back within a day from a senior engineer.
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