More docs, better docs

We just released lots more documentation. It starts with an improved introduction page and a simplified quickstart guide. But we've also added guides for creating various different types and configurations of rewards, for setting delivery methods, and for customizing the recipient experience.

OAuth 2.0 documentation

We've released the ability to make API calls on behalf of other accounts via OAuth 2.0. This has been in beta for the last few months, and we're excited to release it.

Deprecating access token creation endpoint

We're refactoring this endpoint used to generate API keys to this one. The only difference is the URL associated with the endpoint, and the structure of the returned JSON endpoint.


API V1 will be sunset on Jan 15th, 2023

Adding this post for transparency; we've already communicated the change to all affected customers directly, and nearly all have migrated.

Introducing the Changelog

We've previously relied on direct email outreach to notify customers of changes to the API. Going forward, we'll be using the API changelog to talk about these changes.