Each organization has one or more users that can access and manage that organization. These users are called members.

Members can take actions via the Tremendous web dashboard directly. These actions include adding funding sources to the organization, creating Campaigns, and more.


Members can have one of two roles that determine their permissions within the organization:

  1. MEMBER: Limited permissions. Can view their own reward and order histories only.
  2. ADMIN: Update organization settings, invite other members to the organization, and view all member order and reward histories within their organization.

To create members of a sub-organizations create an API key for that organization first, then use the new API key in the create member request.

Inviting new members

After creating a member, an automatic invite is sent to the email address. If the user is not registered yet, that person will then need to sign up for a Tremendous account.


Automatic invitations are not available in the sandbox

You must manually use the returned invite_url field in the payload instead.

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