Funding sources represent different ways to pay for orders.

Types of funding sources

There are four different types of funding sources available:

  • balance:
    • A pre-funded balance held with Tremendous. Funds can be deposited into your balance from the Tremendous dashboard.
  • invoice:
    • With invoicing, Tremendous will bill your organization at regular intervals for orders placed. Invoicing is disabled by default, and doesn't appear. To enable invoicing, contact our sales team.
  • bank_account:
    • A bank account. When specifying this as payment for an order, Tremendous will initiate an ACH from this account. Bank accounts can be added from the Tremendous dashboard.
  • credit_card:
    • A credit card. Credit cards can be added from the Tremendous dashboard. Credit card payments are currently disabled for API orders.

Example funding source: balance

  "method": "balance",
  "meta": {
    "available_cents": 600000,
    "pending_cents": 0

Example funding source: bank account

  "id": "3SZHCQGNNVGH",
  "method": "bank_account",
  "meta": {
    "accountholder_name": "Kapil Kale",
    "account_type": "checking",
    "bank_name": null,
    "account_number_mask": "1234",
    "refundable": false,
    "last_payment_failed_at": null