A product represents a payout mechanism for a reward.

Examples of products include:

  • Virtual Visa debit card
  • Amazon.com gift card
  • Starbucks gift card
  • ACH transfer
  • Doctors Without Borders charity donation

Tremendous supports 600+ different products, and growing.

Product restrictions

Products have different types of limitations around their use.

  • Geographic limitations, meaning that the product is designed for use in specific countries. This is represented in the countries field.
  • Currency limitations, meaning that the product can only be denominated in specific currencies. This is represented in the currency_codes field.
  • Denomination restrictions, meaning that the product can only have specific values. This may come in the form of minimums and maximums, or specific values. This is represented in the skus attribute.

Selecting products

Adding lots of products as redemption options means your recipients will have more to choose from.

Tremendous manages the product selection process for recipients, automatically eliminating products that are bad fits because of geography or restriction.

Example product

This is a Starbucks Canada gift card.

  • The product is denominated in CAD (Canadian dollars)
  • The product has 5 different valid values: CA$5, CA$10, CA$25, CA$50, and CA$100.
  • The product will only work in Canada
  "id": "XVBOXHD007XB",
  "name": "Starbucks Canada eGift Card",
  "currency_codes": [
  "skus": [
      "min": 10,
      "max": 10
      "min": 100,
      "max": 100
      "min": 25,
      "max": 25
      "min": 5,
      "max": 5
      "min": 50,
      "max": 50
  "countries": [
      "abbr": "CA"
  "category": "merchant_cards",
  "disclosure": "",
  "description": "",
  "images": [
      "src": "https://res.cloudinary.com/dyyjph6kx/image/upload/gift_vouchers/phpEiZXVH_kzkm0b.jpg",
      "type": "card"