Data formats

TL;DR we use JSON.

The Tremendous API uses JSON. Response bodies are formatted as JSON documents. POST requests made to the Tremendous API are expected to be formatted as JSON as well.

Responses use a top-level data key, named after the object being returned. For example, when retrieving an order, the response body would look like:

  "order": {

Data types

You will see the following data and container types:

  • integers
  • strings
  • dates
  • floating point numbers
  • hashes
  • arrays

Response example

A typical response looks like this:

  "campaign": {
    "id": "SOMEIDSOMEID",
    "name": "My Default Campaign",
    "description": "A campaign I use as the default in Tremendous",
    "products": [


We store emails in downcased formats. So emails provided to our systems with uppercase letters, such as [email protected] will be parsed and returned as [email protected].