Rewards overview

Learn about the core object in the Tremendous domain.

So what's a reward, anyway?

A reward is a monetary incentive sent to an individual recipient. They're probably what brought you to Tremendous.

Rewards have the following attributes:

  • Recipient - who it's for.
  • Delivery method - how it's sent.
  • Amount or denomination - how much it's for.
  • Payout option(s) - what it can be converted into.

For example, let's say you want to send Alice a $10 prepaid card over email. In Tremendous-speak, you're sending an $10 email reward with a single payout option specified (a prepaid card).

Another example: say you want to send Alice $30 that she can turn into a PayPal or Venmo transfer, and you want a link that you can share with her. In Tremendous-speak, you're creating a $30 link reward with 2 payout options (PayPal and Venmo).

Next up

Learn how to send the various flavors of rewards available to you on Tremendous.