Choosing payout methods

Let recipients choose amongst options, or specify one for them.

A reward includes a set of payout options that your recipient can choose from. Tremendous supports over 1,000 different products, across a few categories:

Gift gift card, Target gift card800+
Prepaid cardsVirtual Visa, Virtual Visa International5+
Monetary optionsACH, PayPal, Venmo3
CharitiesDoctors Without Borders, Clean Water Fund40+

Payout options are represented by the Product resource.

Multi-product vs. single-product rewards

You can create a reward containing many payout options ("Multi-product reward"). Recipients will choose across the payout options you've specified.

Or if you just want to send your recipient a Visa card or an gift card, create a reward containing a single payout option ("Single-product reward"). Single-product rewards are helpful when you want to deliver a specific product to a recipient.


If you’re unsure, use multi-product rewards

Tremendous manages much of the complexity on your behalf, including:

  • Automatically identifying the recipient’s country, and showing them relevant products.
  • Only showing products that work with the denomination of the reward.
  • Gracefully managing edge cases, like if a recipient needs to change the payout method they chose.

This makes it convenient to specify a ultra-wide a set of payout options, which provides the most flexibility to recipients.

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