Production access

To use the production API, follow these steps:

  • Direct your application requests to the production domain at
  • Request a review for production access.

Requesting Production access

To successfully make requests in production, Tremendous need to approve your account for production access before you can make requests.

You can still obtain your API keys, but until production access is approved, API requests will receive the following error:

  "errors": {
    "message": "Production API access needs to be enabled before you can make requests. Please complete the production API access form here, and then reach out to your account representative:",
    "payload": {}

Requesting access depends on the authentication method used: API Keys or OAuth2 Applications. You can find details for each one below.

We process API access requests within 1 business day, but if you are on an expedited timeline, email us at [email protected]

API Keys

In order to get production access to the API, you'll need to fill out the production access form, found here:

OAuth2 Applications

New Production OAuth2 apps should be created via Dashboard, after which they go into an In-Review state. In Sandbox, Apps are automatically pre-approved.

Once our review is complete, you will receive an email with the results. You can find more details on how to register new apps on the OAuth2 page.

Company Documentation


Documentation requirements

The production access form requires a form of company documentation - articles of incorporation, a W9, or a bank verification letter. This helps us meet regulatory requirements with regards to Know Your Customer regulations.

For OAuth2 applications, send these via [email protected]