To successfully make requests in production, you'll need to have your account approved by a Tremendous admin.

You'll still be able to obtain your API keys, but until production access is enabled by a Tremendous admin, API requests will receive the following error:

  "errors": {
    "message": "Production API access needs to be enabled before you can make requests. Please complete the production API access form here, and then reach out to your account representative:",
    "payload": {}

Production access form

In order to get production access to the API, you'll need to fill out the production access form, found here:

We process API access requests within 1 business day, but if you are on an expedited timeline, email us at [email protected]


Documentation requirements

The production access form requires a form of company documentation- articles of incorporation, a W9, or a bank verification letter. This helps us meet regulatory requirements with regards to Know Your Customer regulations.