Learn about available API environments.

The Tremendous sandbox environment is a free and fully-featured environment for application development and testing. Nearly all of the Tremendous API is supported in the sandbox environment.

Tremendous API users typically develop their applications against the sandbox environment, and then switch their credentials to production when they are ready to go live.

Using the sandbox environment


The sandbox and production environments use different URLs, and newly issued API keys for each environment are prefixed to help differentiate them.



API Key prefix







A full request made to the sandbox environment with curl would look like this:

curl --url 'https://testflight.tremendous.com/api/v2/orders'\
     --header 'Authorization: Bearer TEST_some-api-key-string'

API keys

To create a sandbox account, visit https://testflight.tremendous.com. Note that data is not shared between the sandbox and production environment.

To generate an API key, log in to the sandbox dashboard. Then find the API key at Team Settings > Developers

Sandbox environment behavior

Free money

Every sandbox account comes with $5,000 USD in pre-funded balance. You can use this balance to send test orders and rewards through the API.


Balance topups

Your sandbox balance is replenished on a daily basis. Don't spend it all in one place.

Test credit cards

The following credit card numbers can be used to simulate behavior in the sandbox environment:

Card Type

Card Number



Declined / Failed


Restricted email delivery

Emails can only be delivered to users who are a member of your team. You can see a list of users by logging into your account, and visiting Team Settings > Users.

You can still create rewards intended for users outside your organization; they just won’t be delivered.

Redemption experience

Nearly all of a reward recipient’s experience is available in the sandbox environment.

There are some products where Tremendous redirects a recipient to a partner site, or relies on a partner to email a recipient their reward. These portions of the experience are not available in the sandbox environment.